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    Sharjah Youth Parliament
    Community Service is Leadership
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    Nominate yourself now
    If you are between 13-16 years old

About The Parliament

The Parliament consists of 80 young male and female members aged between 13 and 16 years old, who are elected from members of Sharjah Youth and Sajaya Young Ladies of Sharjah, as well as all youth-facing institutions in the Emirate of Sharjah.

A candidate's membership lasts for two years. The aim of the Parliament is to train young people on the best use of language and meaningful dialogue, as well as how to express their wishes and needs in accordance with Shoora principles. The Parliament also aims to contribute to the formation of the core nucleus for future parliamentary councils, and to prepare this nation’s youth to be eloquent representatives of the country at international events.

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List of Candidates

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